Lucy Simpson


Lucy Runs the facilities here at ladykirk, helped out with an excellent team of staff


A keen rider and competitor since the age of four, Lucy saw success jumping ponies as a child  and continued successfully jumping BSJA as an adult. 


At the age of 18 Lucy completed her BHS apprentiship at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh and later earned a scholarship from John Whitaker to start her three years of study at Monty Roberts' Flag Is Up Farms in  the USA.  Having earned her Monty Roberts Instructor status in 2010.


Lucy began dressage training with Sylvia loch in 2010 and has developed a vast knowledge and understanding of the discipline.


Lucy's professional experience inculdes having groomed and ridden for two olympic riders, in addition, she has worked in the stud business and as a competition rider for sales yards in the UK.


Lucy provides dressage jumping and indoor cross country training as well as show support custom tailored to clients and horses individual training needs.


She also provides buying/selling consultation, Matching horse/pony with rider is a speciality of hers.